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This page is for all Area Motions and Pertinent Information to be given and taken back to our Groups by GSRs.


**Area Minutes Listed Below**

May 2023 Minutes

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Proposal #4:

Made by Dave J.
To reconsider the purchase of the grill and generator based on adherence to our 11th concept.
Intent is to be in harmony with the spirit of the 12 concepts and our area guidelines.

11th concept: NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose,
and must be managed responsibly. The Eleventh concept establishes
the sole absolute priority for the use of NA funds: to further carry the
message. The importance of that priority calls for total fiscal
accountability. Direct contributions to each level of service help us
focus on our primary purpose, and enhance accountability.

Proposal #6:

Made by Tyson H. (Area Entertainment)
To Reimburse Tyson $294 to reserve the Effie Beckstrom camp spot for 9/22 to 9/24 for the
annual camp out. In tent is the have the campout and show the newcomer they can have fun in recovery

Proposal #8:

Made by Nicole for H&I
30 basic texts $457.20
2 JFT $23.96
5 SPAD $72.80
5 it works how and why $59.90 Total of $613.86
Intent is to stock up literature for H&I making sure we have it available and dont have to wait.
This is to further carry the message to the still suffering addict

Proposal #11:

Made by Tiffany
$1,500 to help cover the cost of SUACNA XV hospitality room. Intent
to spread the message to the addict who still suffers.

List of items available and cost.
planters peanuts $1.50per
mini candy bars (4) $1.50per
granola bars $1.00per
jerky $3.00per
bags of chips $1.25per
whole apple $1.25per
Orange $1.50per
jif pb cups $1.15 per
fruit cups $3.50per