Area Entertainment

Area Entertainment and Subcommittee Purpose

The NASU Area Entertainment Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the ASC whose primary purpose is to carry the message of NA and is dedicated in organizing entertainment events for Narcotics Anonymous of Southern Utah. All funds generated through this Subcommittee belong to the NASU ASC body. As a subcommittee of the NASU ASC we shall maintain effective communication and cooperation with the ASC. Subcommittee meetings are open to all members of the NA fellowship. In all its proceedings this Subcommittee shall adhere to the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of service of NA, and the resources of “A Guide to Local Services”.

Area Entertainment and Subcommittee Meeting Info


October 23rd at 1 pm at the Alano club in the puzzle room

“We come together in fellowship. As we stay together, we find in one another a deep affection and trust that can override the hurts and squabbles we have along the way. The ties that bind us together are also the roots that nourish our growth.” Living Clean, page 126

Chair– Aubrey H

Vice Chair–