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This page is for all Area Motions and Pertinent Information to be given and taken back to our Groups by GSRs.


**Area Minutes Listed Below**

March 2023 Minutes

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Proposal #4:

Made by Nicole (H&I)
New 2023 H&I Budget Total $1,800 $1,200 for literature $400 for an event $200 for misc. Binders, copies, etc for panel leaders

Proposal #6:

Made by Jarrod (CCGC)
asking for a budget of $1200. Here is the breakdown. $600 for campout $300 for food for our events $200 for misc $100 park fees Increased from last year due to the rising cost of all things. Last year’s budget was $600

Proposal #10:

Made by Aubrey (Lost and Found)
To purchase a generator for area with areas excess money. Not to exceed $500.00. Westing house 2200 W, super quiet, lightweight, portable inverter, gas-powered