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This page is for all Area Motions and Pertinent Information to be given and taken back to our Groups by GSRs.


**Area Minutes Listed Below**

July 2022 Minutes (2)

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Motion 7/22-1 

Maker: Policy Committee 


Motion: In Article VII Section 2 Part a Requirements (1) change suggested minimum clean time from 1 year to 2 years for the vice chair. 

Intent: Should the chair step down or be unavailable we would have a more experienced person assume the chairperson duties 

RESOLUTION: Back to Groups 

Motion 7/22-4 

Maker: Aubrey H 

Second: Kodi M 

Motion: For $700 from NASU Area Entertainments budget for the Annual Campout. (Breakdown below): $136 for campsites 

$100 for supplies 

$464 for food 

Intent: NASU is fully self supporting & to provide fun camp outs for addicts to enjoy. September 24-25th RESOLUTION:BACK TO GROUPS 



NA Related Announcements for June 

CCGC- Will be hosting a campfire meeting on July 12th at Three Peaks in Enoch! Fellowshipping and s’mores starts at 8:30 and the meeting starts at 9 at the fire pit past the small pavilion! 

We are looking for a spiritual speaker for the Sunday Spiritual meeting which will start at 10 am! Qualifications will be at least 3 years clean time, working the NA steps with a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous! Anyone who is willing to share their story please contact Susan or myself! This is for CCGC the Campout. 

TNT meeting – Tues 530 alano club this tuesday is potluck speaker meeting. 

Welcome home meeting– we are happy to announce that on Wednesday the 24th of august we will be celebrating the groups meetings 1 year anniversary, between the hours of 1-4 there will be a pool party/bbq at the club with a speaker as well. We encourage everyone to celebrate with us.

Current Area Positions to be Filled Alternate RCM 

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